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We love to share our knowledge and give you a peek inside the digial library at the Academy. Enjoy this free E Book on Translating Trends into Event Design.

Weddings, like fashion and interiors are heavily influenced by trends. As Wedding and Event Designers, our aim is to translate those trends into designs that our clients and their guests can relate to, but still reflect the individual style of the couple.  A wedding that tells the couple’s story, is always ‘on trend’.

In this E book we take a closer look at what trends are and use a Case Study from the International Wedding Trend Report to show you how you can translate trends into unique and creative wedding designs for your clients.

Helping you to design with trends so that you create something that your customers want and relate to is what this Ebook is all about, but a word of a caution. What every couple really wants, is for their wedding to be a unique reflection of them as a couple. As a designer, your job is to understand the general direction that people’s tastes are heading, whilst still designing with your client in mind. A wedding that reflects a couple’s individual style and personality, is always on trend?.

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